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Traditional Archery Program

We are a traditional archery program and teach with recurve bows


Hidden Gems Archery is a mobile archery business. We set up archery ranges in various parts of New York City and surrounding areas. We currently do not have any pop-up ranges opened to the community. 

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Summer & School Archery Programs
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Types Of Sessions

We Set Up Small Ranges Or Big Classes Depending On The Event

Small Classes

We use this set up for our small classes. Usually, we work with 10 students for an hour using this setup.

Bigger Sessions

We do this set up for events with 1 16 participants or more. 

Community Events

We set up one or two targets and encourage your community to try archery.

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Our Story

We started because Natasha Green, a former Math Teacher at DWCHS, decided that black, brown and urban students should get the opportunity to try the Olympic sport called archery. So, we decided to bring it to them.


Started Nonprofit Archery Program

Our goal was to bring archery (and other sports) to as many urban youths as possible, especially black and brown students. Our founder decided that a nonprofit archery program would do the job.


Mobile Archery Program at St. Francis College (Bk)

The owner, Natasha Green’s alma mater allowed us to have archery programs on Sundays in the Genovesi Center.


Incorporated Hidden Gems Archery LLC

We still have the nonprofit but decided a for-profit model will allow us to do the work and make the impact we want to make.


Established Stationary Archery Spot

We wanted to have a space for participants to come enjoy the sport of archery.


Closed Stationary Archery Spot

We closed the stationary business and decided mobile archery worked best for us.


Archery in Schools and Communities

Our owner became MWBE certified and we built programs for schools and other youth servicing organizations.


Received an MTAC with the NYCDOE

We have a multi-year contract to work in New York City Department of Education Schools.


Programs Flourishing

We provided archery programs to a lot more schools and we are growing continually.

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