All equipment is included when taking a session unless you state you have your own equipment.

Introductory Lesson (90-minutes): $60
*This is the first course participants take when visiting us.
Most lessons are done in a small  group. We teach beginners to side-anchor and instinctive shooting. You will receive an additional special class with purchasing via our website. Thank you!

Private Lesson Individual: Price will vary depending on your level. Starts at $65.
1-to-1 for 60-minutes with an instructor. A person might pick this if they want to shoot competitively and wants a coach to work with them every week.

Lessons (1 hour lessons and 90 minutes are the same price) 
90 minutes sessions will have two lines of shooters, each shooter gets three arrows.
1-hour sessions will have one line shooting with each person getting more arrows.

  • Using our equipment: $40
  • Using your equipment: $30

Bundles available after introductory classes:

  • Bundle of 2: $65.00
  • Bundle of 4: $110.00

Buy a $100 membership for 3 months and pay $20 for each session

Special classes (Will be taught at Hidden Gems Home in Brooklyn during the Elite hour)

    • Olympic-style shooting, check our page at the tab above.
    • “Comcurving: A mashup of using a mechanical release on a recurve bow”*

*This falls under private lessons: $70; great for people who don’t know if recurve or compound bows is good for you.

Feel free to pay below or in person. If paying in person with a credit or debit card, you will be charged a convenience charge (We use Square as our card reader).