Prices include

  1. Archery Instructor
  2. Equipment rental
  3. Archer shooting plan (If you want one.)
  4. Specific equipment that fits your shooting interests.
  5. Next steps for you as a shooter no matter what range you go to.


Introductory options

This is the first course participants take when visiting us.

 Introductory Lesson (90-minutes): $50

  • Twelve or less people
  • Two lines shooting

Introductory Lesson (1-hour): $55

  • Eight or less people
  • One line shooting
  • Contact us to setup an appointment.


Regular lessons and sessions

Our sessions are one hour and you can always shoot for two hours. We know 1-hour of shooting 12 arrows usually works for all attendees. At Hidden Gems, we are always watching participants and giving them steps to improve if they want the advice. We also know that some people just want to shoot for fun. Please tell us what you would like to do before starting your session. The price is set because of the attention we give to each attendee.

  • Using our equipment: $40
  • Using your equipment: $30

Bundles available for sessions:

  • Bundle of 2: $60.00
  • Bundle of 4: $110.00

Private lessons

Private lessons that are schedule during the days we have operations are shown below. If you want a private lesson when we are closed that will be priced more. You will be paying for the option of having a session whenever you want. Contact us for more information.

Private Lesson – Individual: $70.

  • 1-to-1 for 60-minutes with one instructor.

Private Lesson – Two people: $120.

  • 1-to-2 for 60-minutes with one instructor.




Membership cost $100 for 3 months and you pay $20 for any session you signup for during that time frame.



Feel free to pay below or in person. If paying in person with a credit or debit card, you will be charged a convenience charge (We use Square as our card reader).